Frequently asked questions

Nymble Labs is a young company out on a mission to make cooking at home possible everyday in order for people to eat fresh and healthy food.
Our appliance can cook most one pot meals like Asian curries, Pastas, Stir Fries, Soups, Salads and Rice Dishes.
No. We can only cook one pot dishes.
It can cook any curry end-to-end provided it does not contain an element which requires frying and baking. Although these components can always be added by the user manually. So it can cook Dals, Sambars and Rajma, but not Gobi Manchurian.
Yes. All spice quantities, cooking time and temperatures, consistency of the gravy can be customized to the user’s taste buds.
Yes, you can replicate your mom’s recipe step-by-step on the appliance although we cannot match the love she puts into it.
As good as you cook at home.
Same time as it would take a normal seasoned cook, however with your limited active involvement.
We will be opening orders in Q1 2019.
As long as it takes just to put in the veggies
We have a three level layer of security for all essential functions of the product. Plus you can always monitor your food through the in-built camera.
It is as big as a mixer-grinder or a Microwave turned to its side.
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We are running user trials among a select group of people globally. If you’d like to be one of our early beta-testers, please drop us line with the title “Early Tester” and we’d love to involve you in development!