Nymble Labs

Building your own personal cooks.

Nymble Labs is developing a smart kitchen appliance that can cook food tailored to your taste.

Home cooking was never this easy.

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The Nymble cooking process

At Nymble Labs we believe in the future. We are building appliances which are fully automatic and easy to operate. All you need to do is


your favourite Recipe from a variety of menu options


the necessary fresh ingredients


while your delicious food gets prepared.

Falling in love?

Certainly not without reason. Our hardware ecosystem can cater to all the kitchen requirements. While our AI and Machine Learning backed software makes the weirdest of dreams possible.

Download and share recipes over internet. Get cuisines from all over the world

A built-in HD Camera let's you view what's cooking while you're not around

Precise Thermal Control so that your food never gets burnt

Advanced Machine Vision capabilities, so your onions are always as brown as you want them

Lets make everyday cooking possible!

Our very awesome team lacks a key ingredient. And that's you. Check out the openings and our story right away.

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